Frank Oudeman is a Dutch photographer known primarily for his architectural and interior images.   Frank lives and works in Brooklyn but grew up in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and earned his MFA in photography at Bard College’s highly regarded Graduate School of the Arts.  His work is featured regularly in The New York Times, Interior Design, A+U, Frame, Abitare, Dwell, Surface, New York Magazine, Elle Decor and Architectural Digest among numerous other publications.


As a graduate art student, Frank was invited by FRAME magazine to photograph a series of architecturally-significant contemporary interiors.  These editorial assignments led to his now successful career as an architectural and interiors photographer.  Frank is known for his exquisitely calibrated photographs of interiors and exteriors, in which elements of light, texture, material, volume, dimension and composition are crafted into a spectacular balance. 


Each project is approached with the aim to narrate the ideas and intentions of the architectural space itself.  Frank creates a series of images to unfold the individual sensibility of a space.  He directs us to the poetic moments of play and intelligence within the functional use and design: plays of light, color and materials; shifts in dimension and volume.  In his images, the spaces are elevated to a purity of vision, capturing that of the architects, designers and artists who conceived them.




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